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The author of the book is Alexander Demas.
The level of the book is unknown, the number of the pages is 80.
The title of the story "The Three Musketeers".
In the story we are told about one man named Artagnan, who came to Meung with three gifts of the king. He wanted become a Musketeer.
On his way he was caught in a battle and one of the gift stolen, it was a presentation letter to the king from his father.
After Artagnan came to Meung he the the king of the Musketeer and discussed with him about joining the Musketeers.
The king of the Musketeers knew the father's Artagnan, they were together in war.
Now without the leter Artagnan couldn't be a Musketeer and he had to prove himself that he is brave and loyal.
The three Musketeers (Athos, Prothos and Armis) became his friends and they went out together into adventure.
The main character is Artagnan.
I love the sence of the end Artagnan became a Musketeer and they said the motto "All for one and one for all" when they drew their swords cross and about the heads.
I like it because they really mean it! The great teamwork of the, says everything.
They risked their lifes for the other.
The genre Adenture book.
I recommend this book to my friends because it is really interesting book, once you start reading.. you can't stop.
I would not like to change anything in the story.

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