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how to solve a Equation

In Equation we have unknown, we call it x .
unknown can be any letter but commonly marked by the letter x .
There are two wings (side) when the "equal sign" (=)  separating them.
So that the balance will remain fixed and will not change ( and the two wings are equal ) We need to do the same thing on both wings.
Our goal is to isolate X , we use the counter-action :
The cross operation + is -
The cross operation - is +
Opposite action of He * ( multiplication )
Opposite action of the * ( multiplication ) is :
 * ( We will use later) opposite action of ^ ( Strong ) is the root
* ( We will use later) opposite action of the root is ^ ( strong )

Their goal of the opposite actions is to the isolate the  x (the unknown)
For example the isolating of it:
We have to leave the x alone ( without the five ) with counter-action
Since there including multiplication ( acceptable to write number and a letter, sign and signal multiplication without the sign of multiplication ) we do the inverse operation of multiplication , which is a dividing.
5x:5 = x
Now our X " lonely " and we achieved our goal .
Same thing will happen if we
5 : x
We will do the opposite of division , which is double
x : 5 * 5 = x
Now our X " lonely " and we achieved our goal .

Number can be either positive ( + ) or negative ( - ) or zero.
If you want to transfer the number one flank ( one side ) to the second wing ( side ) you have to do it the opposite action .
Since the numbers can be either negative or charges, we already know that there is no double taxation and gown.
5 +5 = 10
I want to pass the five Division ( side) then I will change his action or positive ( + ) or negative (-).
Directing five positive I will make it conflicts ( negative ) , it will come out like this:
10-5 = 5
And to check whether this is true can be solved :
5 = 5

Now we have learned how to arrange the numbers we wish we can arrange the equation according to how we want.
So we can solve the equation we need to we need to arrange the equation.
The order will be as follows:
One section, all the usual numbers ( without the involvement of the X's )
Division Two all the numbers involved with X's
It will look like this :
Numbers without the X's = numbers with X's

Let's try to arrange the following equation :
5x +3 = 3x +6
We want Shayskym be left to pass the positive 3x the second division and change it with his cross-examination Tuesday.
5x +3-3 x = 6
We're not done without X's have my number on his side ( 3 ) .
Will forward it to the right and change his sign, counterparty ( counterparty is negative ) and it would be this:
5x - 3x = 6-3
Now we fixed the equation.

Next topic : Meeting of organs
To solve an equation is not enough to arrange the organs in their proper places , but should convene organs.
Nickname organs says :
Should add, subtract , divide , multiply , even if the number involved in the X's (letters )
Is the same as ordinary numbers only add to the letter accompanying example:
5x +5 x = 10x
10x - 4x = 6x
10x : 10x = 1
* 10x 10x = 100x ^ 2 (all it's worth : two hundred X presumed )

Now we consider everything we've learned and we will solve the equation 

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