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Sophocles Antigone Summary Heroes Prologue Prologue roles choir Stasimon Ode Chorus Creon Antigone and Haemon Ismene guard Trasis Antigone - Sophocles

Sophocles Antigone Summary Heroes Prologue Prologue roles choir Stasimon Ode Chorus Creon Antigone and Haemon Ismene guard Trasis
Antigone - Sophocles

One shows the main characters , Antigone ( this born to resist ), using the contrast sister Ismene.

The dialogue between the two reveals the moment the play - the story of a Labdacus family - Families of Oedipus .
Against this background, the most significant reasoning of the opinion of the various characters . Antigone suggests that their family 's tragedy has left her and her sister Ismene responsible for the family's honor . Consequently, claims Antigone , they worry about the burial of their brother . For which there is no difference between Ateokls and Folinks , although the latter came with an army of stock healing Argus . Both were brothers .

Ismene, which unlike Antigone (emotion - emotions , idealism , adhering to the laws of the gods, adherence to the dignity of the dead and the world of the dead ) recognizes the authority of the ruler Crown , try to discourage her sister for different reasons : it must follow the King, the inability to act as women , benefit certifications , Oil operation when they have no power , they have no advantage or authority. Ismene represents the common sense - rational , submission to authority and power, is in fact the expression of Creon .

Through the conflict between the sisters revealed the central conflict : the conflict between King's law and the laws of the gods. The law of nature . Through the contrast between Antigone featured Eros ( to love ) and Hadas ( the underworld ) .
In a world where a person denies the vitality of the natural energies of the personality and imposes on them the yoke and bridle , Eros became an ally of myrtle . So Antigone , she could not go another order to honor the gods and her family, the dead , you choose death as did her lover Haemon

Antigone would represent the play Aceh States with Hades, the god of the underworld and darkness. Love given to the dead.
Crown represents the cultural foundations of the former fields of policy, oppose Dionysius represents the essential - the emotions and passions .

Antigone is the view of the person of the Crown - sensuality , instinctive of existence.

Ismene represents we controlled what counts ruler . It represents the nature of man and woman Mbiohd ( "We just women .. " )

Antigone identifies itself with nature in the broadest sense . Nature fate brings her to devote her fate .

Opening dialogue highlighted the contrast between the sisters. While Antigone includes the troubles that had on the family , Ismene lists the fate of the father, mother and brothers . While Antigone absorbed in the present, current events - the death of the brothers and the decree of the king, Ismene talking about the distant past . While Antigone talks about sharing responsibility and Ismene talking about personal responsibility for the disaster - the disasters belong to their owners . Antigone speaks of suffering for families . Ismene indicates that fate in their hands . While Antigone speaks in the plural : "we", Ismene talking about one and say "I " , "you " .

Ismene 's arguments , rationales :
One . The two have a responsibility being the last scion of the family
Two . They should not hurt the king's command
Three . Weak woman by nature and it has no chance in the male world .
Four . The ruler can impose his will on his subjects
Five . Labor exonerates failure .
Six . Oil exceed beyond .

However Antigone sees fate as something that can be controlled , Ismene other hand think that man can control his fate .

While Antigone sees an inevitable disaster , Ismene think that compliance will prevent hurt

Antigone identifies itself with the deep layers of human existence - family. She compares herself to Niobe , daughter of Tantalus legendary : Is Walden boasted that had more yield slowly ( mother of Apollo and Artemis ) and were punished cruelly . Sons were killed and she herself has become the Mount Sfolos . This connection ties the Antigone natural world : a woman / mother love at the same time a human being and consolidated rock with the body of the world. Rock icon lamenting the life expresses the tension between commitment to the natural female and denial of life and addiction compulsive world of Hades, the god of the underworld . Crypt described by Antigone 'the room included timeless " and the groom is the " River of Death " .

Crown 's speech ( Act I )
Crown 's speech shows the image demagogic dictator democratic theory and practice. Principles guiding rule : a firm line . Honorary trustees and scorn traitors . Rule for the common good without bias.

In his speech highlighted the male aspect - chauvinistic . It appeals to emotion loyalty of his subjects ( " men ... " ) .
A. Thank for their help in saving the country . The images are images within the natural mouth monetary ( from the material, money ) and materialists , images taken in the heavenly realms ( city - ship of war - Storm Gods - navigator that leads to the ship to safety ) , it uses military language , imagining the people as beasts of burden .
In . Justification of government - Crown appeals to emotion loyalty of his subjects. They were loyal to their fathers , then his descendants and now he wants their loyalty , as a curfew rule , the right family.
C . Crown rejects the family value to the value of power and justify his decisions as ruler . Do not judge a person having chosen political considerations .
Wednesday . Crown outlines the recent events ( civil war ) and presents the derivation : Folinks not receive burial, Ataokls be buried as a hero . He declares all against all outgoing punished. Actually decree calling Crown challenged family.

Guardian ( Act II )
The guard appears twice . Guard several positions :
One . Increased tension ( he announces that the decree was violated after threats Crown . It will appear again , and with it the criminal Antigone .
Two . Create a comic relaxation . The guard is a popular figure . My concern is first of all to himself , although he regrets the fate of Antigone , is pleased that survived. Human happiness - After the first meeting with the Crown , the meeting stressed that is responsible for the events , it is there only because of the " lottery " . He also vowed to not return there. Yet, he is quick to return , this time only declares that he is responsible for catching the blame .
Although the relaxation comic created by the dialogue :
A. Multi- language text reflects the high guard 's attempt to go around them and were afraid to say it to Crown . Only when the Crown promised that send set free as soon as it heralded the news , it emits the news clearly and quickly.

The second meeting is held between them a kind of dialogue one - Prickly :
Creon : Bone voice annoys me , you do not feel?
Keeps : Where the pain , is the ear or the heart ?
Creon : What is important to you where lies the pain ?
Say it did - hurt heart , I - ear.

Three . Guardian represents the people and the sympathy of the crowd Antigone . Antigone 's choice , which resulted sentiments reflects popular feelings , and those opposing the order of the ruler cold .
Four . Guardian reflects the character of Creon dictator , intimidating , materialistic ( see all subjects greedy ) and innovation ( think that all conspire against him )
Five . The encounter with the guard contrary to the overwhelming encounter with Trsias , the blind prophet . While the guard belongs to the city but was sent out into the wild space where the body lay , Trsias reaches of space and wonder bird birds to the palace . They both talk about dogs, and animals and birds, but while the guard claims that an entire body , Trsias declare that the animals scattered it all around and polluted the altars . Both describe the stench of the carcass , creating acceptance disruption of social order .
Six . The guard 's words are contrary to the chorus : Ode ( ode to man ) . Occupation by a person becomes flee . Creon apparent winner - the person in control of himself plain instincts and impulses . How actually it is not long.

Creon and Antigone
Creon was surprised to see that his niece , son Eros , is criminal . These details do not sound at all his words as he rejects the family value to the value of the state .

However, he tries to give Antigone a number of options to back his actions.

One . Are admits or denies the 've done ? ( Antigone defies and calls him a challenge : " didst not deny " )
Two . ( Creon sent his guard and repeat the question ) " Do you know what order is prohibited ? " ( It defies "I knew , certainly , no one who did not know " ) .
Three . " Nevertheless you dared to act despite the law ? " - Currently reading Antigone challenge the authority of the king Creon : " It is not Zeus who proclaimed that " . She stresses that it is only human . Again apparent conflict between the law of the king ( verse but temporary ) represented by Kiron and eternal law of gods , unwritten .

Antigone and Creon calls stupid because it ignores violent pers . It emphasizes the duty of the family relationship ( brother 's body lying pity if the same without grave ) .

Creon 's pride as a man and as a king is compromised . He sees 'll get defeating the Antigone . Readings describes it using two images taken also the military:
One . Forged rather hard iron it on fire and breaks easily .
Two . Quite easy to tame horses bridle rampant .

He argues that it is :
A. Demonstrated arrogance as she passed regulations specifically .
In . Making it doubled the impertinence .
C . The fact that she is proud to act and jokes went too far ( is exaggerated unreasonable )
Thus violated Creon 's manhood and he declares : " Now I am not a man, but a man if victory is assured and is not You'll be punished ."

Antigone not only does not recoil , it also encourages the Creon expedite the sentencing. She declares that all think the same, only her courage to make things .

This conflict shows the two characters : the protagonist and Hantigonist , having pride. Both become Hairy Fuck off . Victims of atonement aimed to restore order. Ceremony sending away of the goat Laazazl designed to stimulate the reproductive forces have withered , allow regrowth . These ceremonies are usually the victims were criminals .

The dialogue between them ends brief exchange and bots emphasize the contrast between them. While Creon emphasizes the difference between the dead : one came to conquer and defend the other , the enemy remains the enemy after his death. Antigone emphasizes that Hades rules. She emphasizes that nature is not to hate : " I Was Made to Love" .

Creon ends the debate statement that "ready to receive love the Dead" - a cynical statement , which reflects the world of Antigone , the Eros made ​​room waddle . If it should be noted that the bottom line is the response of Creon political reason - security , but personal : "As long as I live woman would take over me ! "

Antigone and Ismene: Ismene and Creon
The role of this short dialogue to emphasize the contrast between the two as determined by Antigone : "You have one smart , I have a smart way." Antigone does not allow Ismene participate fate - whether out of pride, or whether out of concern. Creon announces that the viewer both both silly ( " two girls one stupid moment and this one from the moment she was born .") This scene is also becoming a comic relaxation , with many sisters with each other for the right to die.

This scene highlights the failure of Ismene position . Because Creon does not trust even his mind at the moment and blames both.

Ismene is presented as a brave. First mentioned son of Creon and his relationship Antigone - Creon prefer even now the state of Eros : "There he can plow fields ," and justifies this by Antigone " bad woman " .

At this point disappears Antigone , Creon 's ideological partner (perception of the ruler above all ) from the stage , and opened the second level , where Creon learns what she learned Ismene earlier.

Creon and Haemon ( Act III )

Palace comes Haemon , Creon 's youngest son , to fight for the life of his beloved.

The dialogue is conducted in stages :

One . First, mutual respect and friendship. Creon opens swearing allegiance to his father ( " Father, I belong to you "), he declares that the authority of the Father is above all connected and over marriage. Indeed, Creon declares that the boys stand with their fathers. No more embarrassing and shameful for a man not stand with his sons . New father are not beneficial to him becoming his enemies ridiculed mouth .
Creon repeatedly emphasizes the inferiority of Antigone as a woman ( " Therefore , my children, forever Do not be a fool for the pleasures of a woman , do not forget that hug cool if poor woman headquarters " ) . Creon emphasizes the importance of family loyalty .
He stresses that Antigone is the only one who dared to oppose him . It must be consistent and punish her , and would undermine the authority to the people ( "I will not liar visible people , I must kill her " ) .
He presents rational arguments on offense as a man and as a king , who suffers rebellion at home, Iiallach tolerate rebellion foreigners ( " If my family suffer Merida foreign rebel too soon " ) .
Anarchy and lawlessness will result from the destruction of the country. He finished his speech is over, the male sign : " Do not give any woman overcome. If there is no choice , it is better to surrender to a man , but let considered frail as female ... " .

Two . Haemon appeals to logic . He is begging his father to be flexible. He disapproves gentle words of his father ( " say say your words there is some distortion I can and of course I have no desire " ) and encourage him to listen to other opinions ( "Although there are other views that also have taste" ) .
He emphasizes that the good father against his , so he listens to what is being said . Haemon highlights and reinforces the words of Antigone by not only her " so I can pick up sounds in the dark how the girl lamenting the city." Haemon Creon brings to the opinion of the crowd , fearful Sex Dictator , but sympathetic to Antigone . Haemon is finished in that it repeats Creon emphasizes that " the success of the parent increased the dignity of the Son ." And nothing had lied to him the happiness of his father.

He uses two metaphors to strengthen his words :
A. Tree by the river in winter, which bends in order not to break branches .
In . Ship that sails to relax at the end so as not to drown .
These images are taken from the wild struggle . Creon represents the overwhelming cultural human nature and ignores thereunder. Simon's message is to be aware of the nature , be flexible and kissed and depressing.

Three . Creon surly and blames us. This time hurt his pride hurt.
The dialogue between the two becomes a cynical echo dialogue :

Creon : And for those who control me except myself?
Haemon : no city there is one man 's property
Creon : Is the city does not belong to the ruler ?
Haemon : Single govern as well just desert.
Kiron : he seemed the woman's ally .
Haemon : Yes, if you're a woman , I worry that you ...

Conflict between two retrograde exchanges Bots : bastard , irreverent , inane , a father I can not say he's an idiot .. Haemon threatens that if Antigone will die , would not it be only death . Creon calls his son " slave woman " and the dialogue ends in complete separation .

As conflict with Antigone , Haemon also goes against the ruler. He does not come out the religious concepts of Antigone , but from the democratic principle of majority .

This conversation softens slightly Creon , he ordered the release of Ismene. He sends Antigone desert cave to die there, and not have to kill her himself.

Antigone in pit of the grave ( Act IV )
This scene shows the Antigone at the suffering and knowledge . Suffered due unbeknownst that she was going to die and did not marry " Nobel death will be a boy ." She calls her prison " bridal chamber , eternal prison hewn ."

Antigone tie her fate to curse hovering over the Labdacus family  ( house of Oedipus ) .
She comforted that you attach to her loved ones .
Antigone knows that it is responsible for her suffering , since it violated the king's command . She admits that in other circumstances - " it was this involves a fatality or a " I would not do it "I guess Lhikrb body and teasing the country." The reason for this: a dead husband to find a replacement , can anyone else have a son , but her family ( parents , brother ) there is no substitute .
She does not return it from the act , and does not beg the gods to her rescue . Her last wish attests to have found her heroine vengeance : " ... if you made ​​a mistake then , will be punished according to the degree of man who carried the burden ." She wishes the person responsible for the fate punished measure for measure (indeed Kiron punished in this way. Unlike Antigone could not marry her and start a family , Creon will lose the family who established ) .

Trasis and Creon ( Act V )

Trasis blind prophet who opposed the brightest , not being fooled by appearances and see the truth.
Trasis comes from the outside world of nature. It completes the circle in which moving images :

Guardian : face - out.
Ismene: face .
Haemon : Away
Tirasis : exterior - interior .

It shows the broad nature - Cosmic Maggie .
Reiterated two steps :
Step one: he gives Creon chance to change his mind.
Trasis uses imagery of Creon and compliment him navigate the ship that city well, because who obeyed the gods. He warns him that he was on the point of coincidence .
It strengthens According to the same mysterious : the behavior of the birds , the battles between them , the fire does not flare up from the altar , as if the gods refuse to accept the victims of human flesh as altars being pure son of Oedipus . There is a symmetry between the battle of birds and animal sacrifice , abandonment corpse for birds and dogs.
Words using Trasis five of the six central images in the play : like animals and Ailofn , like money and commerce, like illness and medicine. Trasis represents the moral world of the characters .

Step two: Trasis accuses Creon meeting nature. He blamed became the order of nature : burying the dead animal and abandoned - it holds property underworld. ( Violated the order of nature ) as Haemon Secretary Trasis that builds than any property .

Here, too, Creon accuses the Trasis and contracts all greed .
Creon does not give messages of principle , separates the world of the gods and the world of human beings : " No man can defile gods ."
However, Trasis up the hidden fears of Creon . He concludes his remarks prospect that Creon has exceeded his field and because of that it brings disaster to the country. Soon many will lament the death of women and boys. Decay of the monarchy affects the entire country .

You may notice the continuation of a process that began after the dialogue with Haemon (Release Ismene and converting sentence of Antigone ) . Creon orders to bury the dead and release Antigone . Even here things are done in reverse order (first the dead and then living ) and so since Creon late.

Role of the Choral  :
One . Description Background play : Hfrodos - after the prologue ( the dialogue between Antigone Ismene) adds the choir and describes the civil war . The choir extends the image battle between the gods , who end the victory of Dionysus .
Two . Show players : end Firdaws shows the king of the choir before entering first stage to deliver his speech .
Three . See various questions in order to increase the viewer's interest and involvement in ( before the Creon ) .
Four . Description of what can not be seen on stage ( Description army marches finally defeated ) .
Five . Clues as to what was to come on stage : Crown stands convene the elders of the people .
Six . Extras, represents the ( Crown appeals to them ) . Representation of people 's feelings ( "Just a crazy topic of death head " ) .
Seven . Maintaining continuity between the systems .
Eight . Messages express the national, social and moral . After the first picture makes the chorus ode to man, is a preparation for the entry of Creon . After the second image ode to Zeus .
Nine . View player questions, to allow him to clarify the considerations , thoughts, and motives for his actions .
During the second act turns out that Antigone is not only rebels against the king's command , is also destined to be the bride of Creon . Choir that seeks clarifications from the king .
10. Expression atmosphere dramatic parts such as when Antigone is led to her death .
11th . Universal dimension of the heroes in their personal difficulties . In the first set and the second revealed the arrogant king Creon . Oude II deals with the choir on this issue , saying among other things that the law Zeus world is for all people , " which exalted his heart - a misdemeanor humiliated ."
12th . Expression to the voice of wisdom and sanity to show. Sort consultants character.
13th .Show the lesson (reauthorization): "wisdom is the condition for any blessing."

Appearance of the chorus :
Stisimon 1 - Ode to a person
This ode to Creon 's speech calling on the one hand , and the implied appearance downfall guard on the other. Ode reflects the deliberations and fears of Athenian society thriving in the political and cultural in the fifth century BC. Joint Institute of Human Achievement - we controlled the man in the universe . Government represented by the yoke and bridle .
Man teasing nature, plowing the land using horses he had trained (combining wild sea - a chimera , cultured - plow ) .
Absent species : human 's movement in space - remember , while the ground - a proud ancestor .
Man conquers nature living on three dimensions : the sky ( birds ) sea ( fish) and land ( wildlife ) .
He learned to speak and think fast as the wind ( culture ) . Learn to design arrangements for state and overcame the elements. But all these disguises his inability , as yet found a cure for incurable diseases , the language , the law : all powerful entity that the person belongs to, but it works inside against doing so he reveals the violent trait . Human degenerative process due precisely by virtue of his nature took over and spun by virtue

Stsimon 2 - lamenting the Labdacus family 
Lament is located after Antigone and Ismene are sent to prison.
Glee correlates with the occurrence of Oedipus fate of his family by way of all detail. This ode addressed to Zeus describes the fate of the house shocked anger the gods. This fate does not let go of the family who pride and destructive control it .

Stsimon 3 - ode to love - love of praise
Ode is located after retiring Kiron Maimon . Simon's conflict between his duty to his father and his love for Antigone . He chooses to love. Eros as the nature enslaved by man. World mental irrepressible . Not only the external nature impossible to suppress all the way , even the nature of man can not be suppressed . Love can drive a wedge between father and son and break up families .

Stsimon 4 - chorus laments the Antigone and shows her bravery and clubs Mtologyot whose fate is bitter.
Donya , Lycurgus and Cleopatra , all high class or violent . Like Antigone emphasizes the uniqueness lift . These HOLDING THE EDGE up surrendering to their fate. So try to speed up the Antigone chorus surrender.

These heroes up solitary members played an important role in their lives. Donya was imprisoned in order not pregnant Ben kill her father Akrizivs , but there 's been bred by Zeus (unlike Lantiona who do not win conceive and bring life ) . Akrizivs parallel Creon whose resources can not avoid his fate.

Lycurgus his madness rebellion against Dionysus . Suggested that Antigone deserves a punishment because her pride Sdfhh her ​​madness . Lycurgus imprisoned as Antigone rock cliffs . While Antigone rebelled against civil authority Tiranit , Lycurgus went against divine authority . Both destined to die .

Cleopatra home of Boreas and Aritah , carried Finaeus King of Thrace has had two sons. After the death theme Finaeus Medea pecking the eyes of her stepsons . Finaeus blind executed , son of Cleopatra died or returned to their eyesight by Boreas .

Drgtn of characters trending : Princess ( Danae ) , King ( Lycurgus ) , daughter of gods ( Cleopatra ) . Contrasting reduced to divine characters : Zeus , Dionysus , Ares ( god of war ) . The greater human activity decreases divine activity ( Donya - passive , Lycurgus - angry , mad , Medea - wild ostentatious ) .
On the other hand : Zeus - Lord God, Dionysus orders confining Lycurgus , Ares - watching other hand, to violent horror human .

Main movement in the play is Marrus ( Love ) Lars ( war ) . Dionysos has both wine and love, madness and war.

Stsimon 5 -
After the Trasis . Prayer for the restoration of the choir carries cosmic order is restored ... Creon put the pretense of Ares ( war ) Above all, Antigone passionately love ( Eros ) Ndfhh into the arms of myrtle .

At the end failed attempt to block the external facial movements and vice versa , from the outside to the inside . The play ends in chaos due to the Crown that broke the boundary between the civilized world and the natural world . Oedipus his fate parallel .
With the death of his son , still pretending to Creon represent human suffering . Reaction to the death of his wife honest: " Living Death port , you can not Lrtzotc ." It uses marine using it so far in describing the wisdom of leadership.
Hard to see Kiron hero. Recognition only at the end. Suffered no heroic . The tragic hero usually does not give up. Surrender teaches the immature character . Position reflects repression or denial of basic aspects of human nature ( Antigone plays one of them ) . Surrender is the cause of misfortune , mistake exposes human nature . If he had surrendered earlier was profound humanity vs. Antigone lonely and abandoned by all ( even the gods obey it brings the tragedy ) depends on Creon 's confidence in his environment ( and therefore decreases from one meeting ) .

Reauthorization is finally done by the band (expression immaturity of Creon ) . This conclusion states that Pride brings a person to the tragedy . Only when a person overcomes ( innocence of youth ) he gets wisdom. Creon gained wisdom by the great loss .

Antigone a heroine opens the play and raises the question of heroism . She goes to her death without regret and represents the absolute justice .
Vs. Creon , almost all of the play refers to is missing heroic , childish, broken.
( It should someone who sacrifices himself for the greater good , brave ) .
There is a play center double multiplier - the fate achieves meaning only in relation to his fate ( the woman that ) . It destroys the forces Creon through the birth of his home : mother and son .

Suffering is a reflection nightmare Lforanoiotih . Both are facing an irrational world , dark and menacing.
Antigone does so with the knowledge while Creon denial.
Guardian Of Creon way that motives are not material . Ismene way he learns his adherence purpose, through Haemon he learns about love as strong as death , and through Trsias he learns about faith.

Divisor divided into two parts . Part One : Destiny House Labdacus family - Antigone ( by the end of the second act ) . Part two is the fate of the house of Creon .

In the first part the person is a creature wonders , heroic, conquering nature. In the second person in flight , terror and fear. Conquest of nature means depletion of natural forces and degeneration in man.

Antigone and Creon can be called two poles in the form of one - man. Pole heroic ( Antigone ) and non- polar heroic ( Creon ) . Creon 's new world cold and aloof . Rational but not wise Vatchsoto the natural and divine severing it from its own resources essential . Crown represents the degradation of the Athenian pretensions loses the race to progress through the direct contact with moral sources .

About a deterioration process is expressed Vstsimonim . Stsimon 1 - life regulated the relative safety of conditioned existence and the correlation between the earth and the divine justice .
Stsimon 3 - appeal this security force of human fallacy . Who is that God desires to Dachau and leads to disaster when he saw evil as good .
There is a structural connection between Eros and ode ode to man. Compared Ode to a person showing the growing strength of the person , Oude fiance turns out that the more a person pledges more essential nature and internal and retreats afraid , Eros became more dangerous .

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